Interesting facts about Japanese cuisine

When we think about Japan, there are a lot of things that hit our mind like hard working people, cars, robots and earthquakes.  But Japan is also known for various other things. Japan has some of the most underexplored places in the world. Those places are an absolute treat for the eyes. The Japanese cuisine also needs a special mention. When we say Japanese cuisine the only thing that comes to our mind is the sushi. But there are a lot more that the cuisine of the world’s second-largest economy can offer.

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It is hard to become a sushi chef

Many might think that what is there is sushi? It is just a rice bowl with a slice of fish. It is very simple, and there is not to complicate. In Japan making sushi is considered more of an art form. The fact is the sushi chefs are highly respected in Japan. Becoming a sushi chef is not an easy thing to pull off. It needs years of practice under a sushi master. The process takes almost ten to fifteen years. You will be a certified sushi chef only when the sushi master is extremely satisfied with your work.

Tokyo is the capital of Top restaurants

It is actually a huge surprise that the country’s capital is being associated with restaurants. Tokyo is the home of 302 Michelin Stars. Almost twelve restaurants have three Michelin Stars. And fifty-two restaurants have two Michelin Stars. Tokyo is ranked on the top by beating some major cities like Paris and New York.

No spoon for Miso soups

Miso soup which is the most common appetizer in Japan has to be drunk without the spoon. It is a tradition that has been followed for years. The Miso soup is made of soya bean paste, seaweed and small pieces of tofu. You can use the chopsticks to pick up the solid pieces in the soup.


A full course Japanese meal consists of very few items. Everything is fresh and is full of amazing flavors. The usage of artificial colors is very less when compared to the rest of the world. They make it a point to bring the natural colors in their dishes. Most of their dishes have rice, fish, seaweed, and noodles as the core items.

Messy table…. Not an option

Japanese are known for their hard work and disciplined life.  When you are finished with your meal, it is mandatory to arrange the dishes in the perfectly on the table. Even the tissues that we use should be placed properly. It is better to use only one tissue.…