International Recipes

If you think the only kind of food out there is good ol’ American cooking, then you need to get out more. The world is filled with diverse people and cultures, and fortunately for everyone, most of these cultures have their own styles of cooking.

You’ve got Thai food with its liberal use of lemongrass and kaffir lime, Indian food and its oh-so-famous curries, Chinese “not just kung pao chicken” food, and Greek food’s love for olive oil. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg (lettuce)! So many different styles of food exist that it just boggles the mind. What makes things even more varied is that within each of these styles of cooking, regional differences exist. Chinese food is very different in different parts of China, and is even more different here in America. The same can be said about any other style of food, be it Greek, Italian, Indian, or Mexican.

You’re easily looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of styles of food. Hopefully, your recipe book is ready to accommodate the influx of international recipes.

Of course the best way to experience authentic international cuisine from any culture would be to travel there. Only then would you know what their food really tastes like, but until you win the lottery, the chances of you traveling around the globe are smaller than a clove of garlic.

It’s okay. You can put your own little cooking quirks into the food. Who knows, it may even taste better! But then how good food tastes is all up to the taster. All that really matters is that you like it. And with the vast number of international recipes available, there’s definitely something you’re going to like.

Oh, and keep in mind: While certain ingredients or foods are normally associated with certain styles of food (i.e. curries make up a big part of Indian cuisine), it’s not the only thing that style of cooking has to offer.

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