10 Basic Cooking Tricks You Should Know

From Continental to the Mediterranean to your regional food, every cuisine follows certain discipline and rules that we ought to abide by. However, sometimes the procedures and trials in the recipes are considered a no brainer. From professionals to home cooks, it is essential to employ some tricks in your routine to make your dish tasty and hassle-free.

Read your recipe

This is the mantra for hassle-free cooking. Knowing the ingredients and procedure beforehand can save your time and prevent from running around the kitchen while your dish is burning. Also, chop, measure or do whatever needs to be done, do it before you start cooking.

Read your recipe

Add salt to boil pasta

If you’re reluctant to cook pasta in fear of turning it into a sticky and tasteless mass, it is always wise to add salt before cooking. The French call it ‘al Dante‘, meaning to the teeth, firm enough to bite, yet soft enough to chew. By adding salt to a pot of boiling water and then adding pasta to it, not only helps it cook faster, but also elevates the taste by 1000%.

Season and taste on every step

It is important to season your ingredients in the right amount unless you want to overpower your dish. So, add little seasoning at every step, to avoid pouring more than required during the end. You cannot undo the seasoning once it’s incorporated in the food.


Incorporate pasta water into the sauce

The salty pasta water can increase the flavour in your dish, and the starch in the water will guide you in adjusting the consistency of your sauce. Your pallets will love it!

Salty soup

Despite the caution, if you still manage to overpower your soup with salt, then throw in some diced potatoes and simmer for 2minutes. The potatoes will absorb the salt and make it less salty.

Invest in a cooking thermometer

It’s always easier to check the temperature of you meat to know when it’s cooked, instead of vaguely guessing and having undercooked meat.

Beating the cake mixture

Once you’re done beating all your wet ingredients, go easy on the dry ones. Over beating of the dry ingredients can end up in a chewy cake, which you do not want obviously!

Fluffy scrambled eggs

To boast a perfect breakfast, fluffy scrambled eggs are the way to go! Beat the air into the eggs, so that you get a nice fluffy texture once it’s done.

Fluffy scrambled eggs

Do not beset the pan

Sometimes, the amount of ingredients is larger than the pan size. This is a lousy move because it’ll lead to some undercooked and some overcooked pieces. To avoid it, use a pan that allows plenty of air to breathe for all pieces.


Enjoy and have fun in your kitchen. It is the place where raw ingredients turn into cooked food that could impress our loved ones and family. So, give your heart and soul to make a tastyand nutritious dish!

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