Ice Cream

The Best Ice Cream Flavours

Ice cream is a delicacy that is enjoyed by majority of the population across the globe. It is a widespread sweet treat that has been around for decades. They’ve been a man’s best friend during tough times, celebrations, break-up’s and many such occasions. Their consumption has increased after the invention of modern refrigerators, which has led to the innovation of various flavours.

Ice creams were invented during the Persian Empire, where it was enjoyed by pouring a pulpy grape juice mixture on snow. Although now ice creams are made with dairy, the basic idea remains the same. The flavours have evolved from classic vanilla to Choco-chip, mint, coconut and many more. The selection of flavour is a personal choice. However, we’ve put forward the top 10 best ice cream flavours enjoyed worldwide. Pick your best-frozen flavour:

Cookie Dough

This is not exactly an ice cream flavour, but it tops the list. It is one of the best ice cream inventions to humankind. Who doesn’t like cookie dough? As kids, we’ve all enjoyed a chunk of frozen dough, topped with some chocolate chips. To enhance the experience, we can add a scoop of the classic vanilla ice cream. It’s like the cherry on a cake.

Cookie Dough

Mint Choco-chip

This flavour is a new invention all together, and it’s ah-mazing! It’s like a combination of peppermint, whipped cream, sweetener and some condensed milk. What better way to cool yourself on a hot summer afternoon!


The ultimate creamy flavour with a classic delight can never go wrong. It is suited for those old school ice cream lovers, who are not willing to go crazy on the classic ice cream flavours. It can be a treat in itself or can even be combined with other supplements like Gajar halwa, Jamoon, cookies and so on.



Have you ever come across an ice cream brand that does not manufacture the chocolate flavour? The answer is NO! Whether it’s a hot sunny afternoon or a cold winter night, a scoop of chocolate ice cream soothes the soul.


Coconut flavour ice creams have gained a substantial fan base in recent years. The classic flavour of tender coconut in ice cream reminds us of nothing but an exotic holiday.

Coconut flavour


Who would’ve thought this crazy combination of cream and toffee could create such an exotic flavour! It is not only available in most of the Indian and other ice cream parlours, but also quite easy to make at home.

Rocky Road

Although it mainly is made of a chocolate base, the nuts, raisins, and the marshmallow on top give an extraordinary taste that can blow one’s mind. It is mainly available in the United States.


This again is one of the classic flavour of ice cream after vanilla and chocolate. Even though it is a little too sweet for some people, it remains a favourite to most of the ice cream lovers.


Salted Caramel

This flavour finds its origin from a candy flavour from Brittany. A combination of sweetness and savoury is a personal favourite for some, whereas others dislike it.

Raspberry Ripple

This flavour can be better described when vanilla decides to combine with another different flavour. It is not available in every ice cream centres but is famous among the grandparents.

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