The Art of Cooking: Tips for Delicious Meals

Remember your first attempts at cooking? You were probably standing in front of the stove, excited because for the first time ever, you were holding a spatula with the intent on using it for cooking. It didn’t matter that you didn’t know which end of the spatula to hold it by or that rosemary is in fact a spice and not your next-door neighbor, you were about to learn how to make good food (or at least edible food)!

Of course your mother was probably standing directly behind you, occasionally (as in every other minute) offering advice and tips that you either did not hear or chose not to hear. “Now sprinkle the salt on…No, no! I said sprinkle! Sprinkle! Not drop! It’s supposed to be like snow, not a nuclear bomb!”

Don’t worry. Despite what your mother may have said about your cooking, there’s no wrong way to cook (well, maybe if you cook with your hand on the grill). Cooking is an art. It’s subject to your own interpretation, so if you want to add peanut butter to your curry sauce, then by all means…but don’t be surprised when people aren’t lining up for a taste.

Of course you might want to learn a little about the basics of cooking. It wouldn’t look good if your first cooking experience resulted in numerous cases of food poisoning (as a result of undercooked meat and improperly stored food). It may even save you from a few bad learning experiences, such as using metal utensils on your mom’s expensive non-stick cookware.

Oh, and keep in mind: When cutting food, cut away from the body. Leaving body parts in the path of the knife may result in their loss. Otherwise, enjoy!

This section is divided into multiple articles providing cooking tips and pointers, covering topics such as meat cooking times and food presentation, with each listed in the menu to the left. To research other food topics, please use the morefocus search tool, or see the related topics listed on the left.

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