The Importance of Food and Cooking in Life

Cooking & Food

Food is more important than you may realize. It’s the focal point of holidays, it’s a vital part of the dating scene (dinner and a movie), and regardless of what you’re doing, you’re going to need some every day. Whether you like it or not, food is almost as important as the air we breathe.

The Art of Cooking

It’s this importance that makes us look for variety in the foods we eat. One would get awfully tired of toast and soup if eaten at every meal. What can you do to liven up your cooking? Read on to improve your cooking skills, learn more about international and American cooking styles, and add some new recipes to your collection.

Ultimate Food Recipes

Replicate all the delicious meals right in your kitchen with some of our best recipes which can spice up your love for food. We have some of the best tips which will ensure that you have access to some of the best cooking methods for an aromatic result.

Cooking Food

If your idea of cooking involves slices of bread, a toaster and a bucket of spread, then you've come to the right place

International Recipes

Looking to spice up your cooking style? Think Asian, Indian or Mexican. Want to try something more exotic? How about Filipino or Greek?

American Food

Unlike most cultures, American food is not characterized by a single theme. Taking it's cue from all the different ethnic groups that live here it's as diverse as the population.

Cooking Recipes

Looking for some new dishes to add to your repertoire? Check out this extensive database of recipes coming from all over the world. Italian? Hawaiian? Mexican? Chinese? Cajun? We have these and more!

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I just love their American Burger recipe as it had various layers to them which just adds to be the most beautiful burger.
David J. Lapierre
Their food has made it possible to ensure that you have access to some of the best recipes from around the world, making me confident in my cooking.
Margaret F. Luna
They have a healthy food section for health freaks like me, who is always trying to eat healthily and watch what I eat.
Karen M. Burgess

New Book! Eat Yourself Healthy

We have a new book coming up, which can help you grow as a cook and ensure that you have access to some of the best foods they have to offer.

On a Quest for International Recipes

Looking for a new Asian recipe you found, check with us, and well make sure that you have a few easy tidbits which will allow you to stay on top of your cooking adventure.

Authentic Chinese Food and Cooking

Variety is the key to Chinese food. Over the ages, geography and climate have played a major role in the evolution of China's markedly different cooking styles, with recipes varying according to regional preferences and the availability of fresh, local ingredients.

Thai Food: Traditional and Modern Cuisine

Thai food is renowned worldwide for its quality, diversity of flavors and textures and its imaginative use of food combinations. With its unique blend of hot, spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and piquant flavors, Thai food is hugely appealing to the modern palate.

Filipino Food and Culture

Filipino food is an interesting mix of foods from several different cultures including Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arab, Mexican and American. Spain, however, provides the dominant culinary influence on Filipino food.

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10 Basic Cooking Tricks You Should Know


From Continental to the Mediterranean to your regional food, every cuisine follows certain discipline and rules that we ought to abide by. However, sometimes the procedures and trials in the recipes are considered a no brainer. From professionals to home cooks, it is essential to employ some tricks in your routine to make your dish tasty and hassle-free.

Read your recipe

This is the mantra for hassle-free cooking. Knowing the ingredients and procedure beforehand can save your time and prevent from running around the kitchen while your dish is burning. Also, chop, measure or do whatever needs to be done, do it before you start cooking.

Read your recipe

Add salt to boil pasta

If you’re reluctant to cook pasta in fear of turning it into a sticky and tasteless mass, it is always wise to add salt before cooking. The French call it ‘al Dante‘, meaning to the teeth, firm enough to bite, yet soft enough to chew. By adding salt to a pot of boiling water and then adding pasta to it, not only helps it cook faster, but also elevates the taste by 1000%.

Season and taste on every step

It is important to season your ingredients in the right amount unless you want to overpower your dish. So, add little seasoning at every step, to avoid pouring more than required during the end. You cannot undo the seasoning once it’s incorporated in the food.


Incorporate pasta water into the sauce

The salty pasta water can increase the flavour in your dish, and the starch in the water will guide you in adjusting the consistency of your sauce. Your pallets will love it!

Salty soup

Despite the caution, if you still manage to overpower your soup with salt, then throw in some diced potatoes and simmer for 2minutes. The potatoes will absorb the salt and make it less salty.

Invest in a cooking thermometer

It’s always easier to check the temperature of you meat to know when it’s cooked, instead of vaguely guessing and having undercooked meat.

Beating the cake mixture

Once you’re done beating all your wet ingredients, go easy on the dry ones. Over beating of the dry ingredients can end up in a chewy cake, which you do not want obviously!

Fluffy scrambled eggs

To boast a perfect breakfast, fluffy scrambled eggs are the way to go! Beat the air into the eggs, so that you get a nice fluffy texture once it’s done.

Fluffy scrambled eggs

Do not beset the pan

Sometimes, the amount of ingredients is larger than the pan size. This is a lousy move because it’ll lead to some undercooked and some overcooked pieces. To avoid it, use a pan that allows plenty of air to breathe for all pieces.


Enjoy and have fun in your kitchen. It is the place where raw ingredients turn into cooked food that could impress our loved ones and family. So, give your heart and soul to make a tastyand nutritious dish!

The Best Ice Cream Flavours

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a delicacy that is enjoyed by majority of the population across the globe. It is a widespread sweet treat that has been around for decades. They’ve been a man’s best friend during tough times, celebrations, break-up’s and many such occasions. Their consumption has increased after the invention of modern refrigerators, which has led to the innovation of various flavours.

Ice creams were invented during the Persian Empire, where it was enjoyed by pouring a pulpy grape juice mixture on snow. Although now ice creams are made with dairy, the basic idea remains the same. The flavours have evolved from classic vanilla to Choco-chip, mint, coconut and many more. The selection of flavour is a personal choice. However, we’ve put forward the top 10 best ice cream flavours enjoyed worldwide. Pick your best-frozen flavour:

Cookie Dough

This is not exactly an ice cream flavour, but it tops the list. It is one of the best ice cream inventions to humankind. Who doesn’t like cookie dough? As kids, we’ve all enjoyed a chunk of frozen dough, topped with some chocolate chips. To enhance the experience, we can add a scoop of the classic vanilla ice cream. It’s like the cherry on a cake.

Cookie Dough

Mint Choco-chip

This flavour is a new invention all together, and it’s ah-mazing! It’s like a combination of peppermint, whipped cream, sweetener and some condensed milk. What better way to cool yourself on a hot summer afternoon!


The ultimate creamy flavour with a classic delight can never go wrong. It is suited for those old school ice cream lovers, who are not willing to go crazy on the classic ice cream flavours. It can be a treat in itself or can even be combined with other supplements like Gajar halwa, Jamoon, cookies and so on.



Have you ever come across an ice cream brand that does not manufacture the chocolate flavour? The answer is NO! Whether it’s a hot sunny afternoon or a cold winter night, a scoop of chocolate ice cream soothes the soul.


Coconut flavour ice creams have gained a substantial fan base in recent years. The classic flavour of tender coconut in ice cream reminds us of nothing but an exotic holiday.

Coconut flavour


Who would’ve thought this crazy combination of cream and toffee could create such an exotic flavour! It is not only available in most of the Indian and other ice cream parlours, but also quite easy to make at home.

Rocky Road

Although it mainly is made of a chocolate base, the nuts, raisins, and the marshmallow on top give an extraordinary taste that can blow one’s mind. It is mainly available in the United States.


This again is one of the classic flavour of ice cream after vanilla and chocolate. Even though it is a little too sweet for some people, it remains a favourite to most of the ice cream lovers.


Salted Caramel

This flavour finds its origin from a candy flavour from Brittany. A combination of sweetness and savoury is a personal favourite for some, whereas others dislike it.

Raspberry Ripple

This flavour can be better described when vanilla decides to combine with another different flavour. It is not available in every ice cream centres but is famous among the grandparents.